Our customers are building remarkable solutions with Stardog.


Compliance & Audit

Financial applications where provably correct reports, including compliance and audit (C&A), create non-trivial information integration challenges. Using Stardog to build semantic graphs of requisite information is key to known-good compliance and audit systems in regulated markets, including financial services.

Stardog makes an ideal platform for C&A solutions because it reduces C&A analysis to query answering and analytics over semantic graphs. This includes the ability to express regulations, policies, and other modeling complexities as formal models, rules, and queries over the graph of integration data.

Reference Data

Complex, multi-jurisdictional organizations require reference data systems, i.e., "gold standard" data sources for the domain entities the organization manages. This includes names, labels, identifiers, as well as mappings between alternate versions of names, labels, identifiers, etc. Reference data solutions require strong modeling of complex relationships between entities and their properties, tasks which are readily achievable using semantic graphs.

Data Provenance

Capturing the who-what-when-where-and-how of enterprise data is a challenge with database technologies that have weak modeling capabilities, which includes key-value stores and non-semantic graph systems. Stardog is unique among graph databases in having both very expressive modeling capabilities as well as standard data provenance support via native support of W3C's PROV standard. That makes Stardog a key tool in data provenance solutions where knowing who has done what with which data, and when and where they did it, is crucial.


Customer 360

Integrate all customer information, as it's discovered, to drive down support costs and drive up profit. Customer 360 requires a system and methodology of information integration in order to integrate relational, non-relational, and unstructured information. Stardog's Integrity Constraint Validation capabilities keeps Customer 360 solutions based on valid data, no matter the original source.

Product Catalog

Large retailers face serious challenges integrating product catalogs across globally distributed supply chains and manufacturers, which becomes an impediment to the agility required to compete in e-commerce. Stardog has proven to be a great platform for product catalog integration efforts.


Smart Grid

Smarter use of utilities is a key challenge facing everyone, including utility operators and producers, struggling to adapt to climate change. Stardog's semantic graph capabilities, including reasoning and rules, are integral to efforts across the energy industry to achieve a smarter approach to energy utilization, particularly in next-generation research systems coming online in the next few years.

Health Care & Life Sciences

Drug Discovery & Clinical Trial

The management of clinical and pre-clinical trial, as well as drug R&D information, is a key aspect of pharmaceutical productivity as an industry. Since so much HCLS information is already available in formal models and semantic graphs, pharmaceutical researchers increasingly rely on Stardog's superior modeling and reasoning capabilities to integrate information, both closed and open source, for the drug discovery, adverse effects, and pre-clinical/clinical trial phases.

Quality of Care

"Patient 360" will define health care for the next decades. Practitioners and clinicians require the most current, accurate, and trustworthy data in order to improve patient outcomes across health care systems. Stardog is the foundation on which many health care startups and established hospital systems are turning to in order to achieve improved patient outcomes through the use of data integration and automation.


Expertise Location

Managing human capital is vital in a knowledge economy. Expertise location solutions integrate existing enterprise information sources and apply analytics to determine and locate expertise within and across organizations. Stardog's expertise location solution is a mature, robust solution to this problem and is in wide use.

Data Cleaning

Increasing natural language processing, statistical inference, and machine learning techniques are used to automate business processes across the globe. All of these statistical techniques drive innovation but they are not free, often requiring expensive human intervention in data cleansing, scrubbing, and quality measures. Stardog's Integrity Constraint Validation capabilities are able to drive down data cleaning costs in complex AI systems and domains.



Knowledge worker training, re-training, and life-long education are important parts of human capital management. eLearning systems combine the challenges of heterogeneous information integration with complex learning personalization. Stardog forms the basis of innovative eLearning products in the IT market.


Smarter, more resilient networks require smarter, more automated information integration and analytic capablities. Real-time integration of sensor inputs in the cybersecurity domain requires adaptive, declarative systems to take appropriate actions. Stardog's semantic graph model and analytic capablities are crucial in cybersecurity domains, both at startups and large enterprises.


Content Enrichment

Media companies are turning into Big Data companies as they realize that their content holdings are laterally monetizable in new ways daily. But content enrichment requires complex, rule-based systems across massive content holdings and across otherwise remote lines of business. Stardog's modeling capabilities bring innovative schema and data management capabilities to Big Data systems.